What is Colleague training?

Colleague training is run by Clubhouse International certified training bases and is aimed at providing specific training in the philosophy and application of the Clubhouse model.

Our training program is provided by the members and staff of Stepping Stone Clubhouse. The training is held at Stepping Stone Clubhouse and combines a mix of discussions, workshops, presentations, practical experience and site visits. While the program is full and demanding, it is designed to help members and staff to better understand the clubhouse model, how to apply the model to their everyday practice and develop a specialised Action Plan for their own Clubhouse. Attending colleague training also provides members and staff with the opportunity to work with and share ideas with Clubhouses from around the world.

Colleague training has historically followed a three-week schedule with 10 discussions on the specific components of the clubhouse model.

Why Choose Stepping Stone Clubhouse for your Training needs?

Stepping Stone Clubhouse is certified by Clubhouse International to provide colleague training to new and established clubhouses from around the world. We have been running training groups since 2003 and have worked with clubhouses from Sweden, Hong Kong, Finland, New York, Australia and New Zealand.

We are also excited to have provided training to the first four Clubhouses from the first Clubhouse from Mainland China in June 2007 and Taiwan in 2008. We can offer training to Clubhouses from China or Taiwan by providing translators during the training.

Please contact us to discuss our next Mandarin speaking training group.