The primary benefit of the Clubhouse to members and the community is to provide meaningful activity that helps people with mental illness to gain independence. 

Current research on existing Clubhouses has shown the benefits of the Clubhouse model and the positive results that have been achieved.  The results documented from Clubhouse International Clubhouses are:

Higher Employment

Two studies have shown that the Clubhouse model produces higher rates of employment, longer job tenure, and higher earnings than other programs offered for people with mental illness.  A study of 17 Clubhouses has shown that longer job tenure and higher earnings correlates to longer Clubhouse membership..

Reduced Hospitalisation

In one study, membership in a Clubhouse reduced the number of hospitalizations by one third and reduced the average number of hospital days by 70.

Reduced Incarcerations

Criminal justice system involvement has been found to be substantially diminished during and after Clubhouse membership.

Improved Well-Being

Compared with individuals receiving services as usual, Clubhouse members are significantly more likely to report that they had close friendships and someone they could rely on when they needed help.

Reduced Costs of Services

The cost to support one person for one year at Stepping Stone Clubhouse is about $5,000.  This is significantly less than other service models.