Work gives us purpose and connects us to those around us. It builds community and gives meaning to our lives. 

Because of this, employment is one of the fundamental building blocks of the Clubhouse.  Stepping Stone strives to give every person who wants it a chance to work at a real job.

Stepping Stone provides:

  • Instruction in resume preparation
  • Interview training
  • Assistance with individualised job searches
  • Employment workshops
  • Job development
  • Job placement services
  • On-the-job training and supports
  • Ongoing follow-up for both the employee and the employer

Through a network of supporters and businesses in the Brisbane community, Stepping Stone continually seeks new opportunities to place members in Transitional, Independent and Supported Employment.

If your company is interested in learning more about providing employment opportunities for members of Stepping Stone, please call Melanie Sennett on 0423 889 711.

Transitional Employment (TE)

Transitional Employment (TE) enables members to build confidence and momentum in pursuing real work:

  • Is a part-time, temporary placement intended to re-integrate a member into a real work situation.
  • Is chosen based on the idea that each job should require skills that each member already possesses (this is not a career move, but simply a chance to get acclimated to a workplace, the discipline and resources necessary to have a job.)
  • Usually lasts six months and can be anywhere from 10-20 hours a week.
  • Is supported by staff “on-the-job” – meaning staff cultivate the relationship with the employer and actually spend time learning the job to help train the members for when they take over. Staff make sure the job is appropriate for the member, that he or she has transportation and serve as the point-person with the employer to address any questions/situations that may arise, etc.
  • Staff will fill the position if the member is sick or cannot make it to work, always ensuring the employer is never without an employee.

Independent Employment (IE)

The ultimate goal of Stepping Stone’s employment programs are to assist members in achieving Independent Employment (IE):

  • Is either full-or part-time, but is intended to be a long-term placement versus the temporary nature of TE.
  • Can be opportunities Stepping Stone finds, or more often, they are opportunities members seek out and find on their own.
  • Is supported by staff who assist members off-the-job.  In IE, the relationship with the employer is directly with the member.
  • Is intended to incorporate more of the career path a member wishes to take. It takes into consideration members’ specialised skills and career aspirations.

Supported Employment (SE)

Supported Employment (SE) offers a permanent, competitive solution to meet your needs. The following are included in the SE Program:

  • Qualified employees who have been successful with several Transitional Employment positions.
  • Ability to work full or part-time.
  • Training for the members when they start the job, as needed.
  • Ongoing support to the members, and the employer, throughout their work experience.
  • The opportunity to achieve permanent, competitive employment.