Stepping Stone provides a support system for people living with mental illness, rather than a medical or a treatment program.  We offer a broad spectrum of services as we believe that a holistic approach is required to fully assist people with a mental illness.

The clubhouse model was established in 1948 and currently there are over 55,000 adults with a mental illness in over 300 clubhouses in 30 countries.

The services included within the clubhouse model are:


The Clubhouse Work Ordered Day

Designed to include members in every aspect of the operation of clubhouse programs. In fact the program is intentionally understaffed so that it could not operate without the assistance and involvement of the membership.  Through participation in the three work units (Employment, Clerical, Administration and Training; Reception and Media; Hospitality) members engage in a range of useful activities that boost self-esteem and help prepare for other employment or education activities within the community. On average 60 members attend the clubhouse each day and last financial year over 600 members were active in the Clubhouse.


Supported Employment

A Transitional and permanent job placement program that provides opportunity for career development, on-the-job training and support, and job seeking services. 112 individuals have participated in these programs last financial year.


Supported Education

Which helps coordinate and integrate services designed to assist a return to education at TAFE, university or private courses. Last financial year 40 members were involved in courses to develop a range of education from numeracy/literacy to university degrees.


Social Program

Through evenings, Saturday, Sunday  and public holidays (including Christmas Day) members are provided with interesting and varied opportunities for socialisation, recreation and developing friendships.  Last Christmas Day 87 members attended the clubhouse for Christmas lunch.



Provide phone calls, emails, letters, hospital and home visits to members. This helps members to remain connected to the clubhouse.


Individual Plans

Plans are developed to highlight goals and the actions needed to address these aims.  These goals may include daily living, vocational and social goals, depending on the needs of the individual.


Community Support

Members are given help accessing the best quality services in their community including acquiring and keeping affordable and dignified housing, good mental health and general medical services, government disability benefits and any other services they may need. Members and staff from the clubhouse provide all of this support and assistance.



Assists with accessing and sustaining accommodation for its members. All the assistance that we currently provide is done by both staff and members with no specific funding for housing support.  Assistance includes networking with existing accommodation agencies and private landlords to find decent and affordable housing and providing the necessary support to move into this housing, such as locating cheap furniture, accessing bond loans, moving furniture and establishing budgets.

The outcomes of the clubhouse model are numerous and include:

  • reduced number of hospitalisations
  • increased employment
  • increase education levels, reducing the risk of homelessness
  • providing structure and purpose
  • development of a support system and collaboration of existing services.