Stepping Stone is a member based community organisation that successfully addresses the serious impact of mental illness.  We are a community of people dedicated to one anothers recovery. 

Focusing on strengths rather than illness, our members are given the opportunities to rejoin the worlds of friendships, family, important work, employment, education, safe and affordable housing,  social recreation, and access to the services and supports they may individually need. 


Our Values



Our Mission

To provide a community where adults with a mental illness give each other support as they work to rebuild their confidence, stamina, concentration, social and vocational skills.


Our Vision

To provide a dynamic and expanding Clubhouse for people with a mental illness living in Brisbane.  The Clubhouse will include opportunities to work and achieve goals that promote recovery and community integration.




Stepping Stone is based on the philosophy of the Clubhouse Model, which was established in New York in 1948.  currently there are over 55,000 adults with a mental illness in over 400 Clubhouses in 32 countries. Clubhouse International ( is a global network that promotes the development and success of Clubhouses through its training and accreditation programs. Stepping Stone Clubhouse commenced in 1994 and is situated on the southside of Brisbane.  Of the 400 International Clubhouses, Stepping Stone Clubhouse is one of ten International Training bases, providing Clubhouse training to Clubhouses from all over the world.

For more information the Clubhouse International standards, please click here.


Our management committee hold the responsibility of ensuring the purpose and mission of the Clubhouse are consistent and maintained throughout all aspects of the Clubhouse model, monitoring and approving budgets and expenditures, assisting staff with tools and support for fundraising activities; and establishing, reviewing and implementing Clubhouse policies for the good of the organisation.

Management Committee

Darrell Price President
Anthony Oostenbroek Treasurer
Andrew McLean Secretary
Brett Emerson Board Member
Heddy Macaulay Board Member
Kathy Fairweather Board Member Natasha Bonacchi Board Member

Management Team

Melanie Sennett Executive Director
Morag Roseby Assistant Director
Jaimi Rogers Program Director Jacqui Gillespie People & Culture Samantha Van Barneveld NDIS Coordinator
Peter Hutton Employment Coordinator