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Member Benefits

We assist adults with a mental illness to develop skills and confidence necessary to live satisfying and productive lives in the community through our “work ordered day” programs.
Our social recreational activities on every weekend are designed to satisfy a range of different interests such as museums, art galleries, to games and the great outdoors.
Stepping Stone is part of a global community that is changing the world of mental health.

Member Story

I came to Stepping Stone Clubhouse eight years ago. I had just been put on parole and I had no skills and I could not even concentrate on cleaning the floor. I went to the Clerical, Administration and Technology Unit and learned many skills. I now work in Clerical, Administration and Technology Unit, the Reception and Media Unit, and Employment and Education Units. In addition to my ability to concentrate I learned how to relax by participating in Social Recreation activities. Over eight years I have learned how to enter attendance, check attendance, do petty cash, do banking, enter referrals, enter new members into memtrack, pay bills online, filing, updating the log books, outreach people, and the daily flyer, fax documents, scan invoices, and update not yet members files. I have also participated in the process of selecting staff. David K

What our members say..

“Clubhouse has brought CLARITY to an otherwise chaotic life.  Thank you.”


“Ever since joining Stepping Stone Clubhouse, a whole new pathway has opened up to me.”


Facebook Community

“I am constantly challenged by clubhouse. It represents a challenge to me for years, I have subsequently changed quite dramatically. It’s always new in Clubhouse, always different. My hope for Clubhouse is we will always open as the world is a scary place.”


“Stepping Stone literally means the world to me. I am alive and well because of the relationships formed with other members and staff. I have come from spending 6-7 months in hospital at a time to nearly no admissions. My skills and abilities have been improved and developed immensely. My mood has become very stable and my schizophrenia has become easily manageable. I have found lifelong friendships with both staff and members, and consider myself a lifelong member of the best clubhouse in the world. Thank you so much for the new life I’ve created, without you and Stepping Stone Clubhouse I would most likely wouldn’t be here.” Tom