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Stepping Stone Clubhouse Inc
Phone: (07) 3847 1058

9/61 Holdsworth Street
Coorparoo QLD 4151

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Our Vision

Creating Pathways to better mental health

Stepping Stone Clubhouse is a Brisbane based organisation providing a non-institutional setting where adults with a mental illness give each other support as they work to rebuild their confidence, stamina, concentration, social and vocational skills.  More about us...

Guaranteed Rights of Membership:
A right place to come
A right to meaningful work
A right to meaningful relationships
A right to a place to return

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Employment & Education

The Transitional Employment Program allows members who lack work experience, confidence or skills for open employment, the opportunity to work at real jobs for real pay.

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Work of the Clubhouse

Our mission is to assist adults with a mental illness to develop the skills and confidence necessary to live satisfying and productive lives in the community.  This assistance is provided in a psychosocial program designed to empower and support its members.

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Become A Member/Membership

All you need is to be over 18 and have a history of mental illness.

Why not phone us on 07 3847 1058 and organise a tour!!

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Clubhouse Training

Our training program is provided by the members and staff of Stepping Stone Clubhouse. The training is held at Stepping Stone Clubhouse and combines a mix of discussions, workshops, presentations, practical experience and site visits.

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