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Greetings from Japan

What I would like to take back from my Stepping Stone visit –  First of all, Yuusen Clubhouse is facing a problem in increasing the number of members. Currently, this is the very first thing that comes up as an issue in our clubhouse.  Yuusen Clubhouse currently has about 10 actively involved members in its operation. We would like to have more members involved in the operation and make the clubhouse more vigorous.
 Secondly, we need to explore new TE partners.  Yuusen clubhouse has one TE partner and two 
SE partners. We would like to conclude partnerships with more organizations and make Yuusen Clubhouse more attractive.
 I have the above two issues in my mind and try to gain some inspiration pertaining to these issues while on this visit.

This training visit was my first overseas trip and is the first visit to Australia.  An 
international flight, a long distance trip they are all A FIRST experience for me. I was thrilled and I could feel my heart pumping rapidly while I was waiting for the departure date.
 Actually, we found this trip very challenging for us, not speaking English.  Even a flight transfer and bus travel were difficult tasks.
 Aussies are all nice and cheerful and this is a wonderful place! That was our impression.

When we got lost, a shop staff member didn’t feel annoyed to stop their work and were very helpful in assisting us.
 Stepping Stone Clubhouse members welcomed us warmly, which I felt this is something Yuusen Clubhouse should definitely aim to do as well. 
This is my personal story, but I am a person with a crush on cars. My love is for MAZDA cars and I’m very happy to see more MAZDA cars here in Australia than in Japan.
 Everything was new on this visit and I would like to enjoy the remaining training programs on this visit.

Atsushi Asano
Yuusen Clubhouse, Japan

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