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How long has Stepping Stone Clubhouse been opened?

We first opened our doors in September 1994.

Where and when did the first Clubhouse open?

The first Clubhouse was called Fountain House in New York and it opened in 1948.   Now there are over 300 clubhouses in 32 countries.

What are the operating hours of Stepping Stone Clubhouse?

Clubhouse hours are:

Monday to Thursday
8.30 am to 4.30 pm

8.30 am to 3.30 pm
– with a social coffee hour from 3.30 pm to 4.00 pm

How do I become a member of Stepping Stone Clubhouse?


Detailed information is provided on our Become a Member page.

You will need to be over 18 years of age and have a mental health condition or history. Additionally, no referrals are needed to join though on occasion to clarify/verify queries we may ask for a treating doctors report.

Do I have to be a member to access Stepping Clubhouse facilities?


Are there any benefits to attending Clubhouse?

Other than the social aspects, Clubhouse members can work on resumes, look into education options, learn new skills or simply expand their offline social/support networks.

What should I expect when I spend a day at Clubhouse?

The aim of Clubhouse participation work is to assist people to build strength, skill and stamina for an extended period to gain confidence to possibly re-enter the workforce or be engaged in a volunteer role. Clubhouse seeks to maintain a positive, encouraging environment through its Social Recreation program for members.

Are there any attendance requirements at Clubhouse?

Clubhouse attendance is always voluntary, and once you’re a member you’re always a member.

Why do I have to do orientation?

It is necessary to do orientation so that you are aware of how the Clubhouse operates. This gives you a good base to find out how you can help or how we can help you. You also get to meet existing and new members at the Clubhouse.

What is involved in the "Work Ordered Day?"

This is the primary focus of the Clubhouse. It provides opportunities for members to develop skills, self confidence and stamina in a low pressure environment. For many, this is the basis for development and recovery.

To achieve these goals, members and staff work side by side in each of the four units:

-Clerical, administration and training
-Employment and education
-Reception and Media

Is participation in the Work Ordered Day compulsory?

No, each member is free to decide their level of participation in daily Clubhouse activities.

Are there any Clubhouse attendance requirements?

Clubhouse attendance is always voluntary, and once you’re a member you’re always a member!

What support can you give for gaining employment and education?

Stepping Stone Clubhouse provide assistance to members in finding jobs or to help get back into education.   We are a Disability Employment Services Provider and runs a transitional employment program.  Our unique program gives members the opportunity to re-enter the workforce in a fully supported environment for a 6 month period.  Staff word side by side with the member throughout the employment period to get them “work ready”.

Does Stepping Stone help with housing?

Stepping Stone Clubhouse advocates for members to housing agencies, as well as assisting with any other housing support needs.

Are there any other clubhouses in the Brisbane area?

There are 3 clubhouses in the Brisbane area:

-Canefields Clubhouse, Logan

-Jacaranda Clubhouse, Ipwich

-Toowoomba Clubhouse, Toowoomba